Prophet Proof

Scan from color transparency

I started my “Medium For God” Prophet reporting in 2009 when I developed the gift of writing for Holy spirits and much of what I reported has come to be sadly known and said by others. 
In 2009 I reported sex slavery is run by an organized crime antichrist ring who take people by force through the Government helplessly. I reported that babies and children are taken helplessly by Child Protective Services to sex slavery. 
Senator Nancy Schaefer explained in 2010 “ a chattel slavery ring is being run through CPS”. 
Senator Nancy Schaffer YouTube:

In 2009 my Prophet work reported people are taken to sex slavery by medical kidnappings. Link:

My Prophet work has reported that tiny pellet microchips are being swallowed in food and beverages for electronic harrasment to torture people of all ages to cause pain to set up medical kidnappings for sex slavery.
The FDA approved microchips the size of a grain of rice:

Electronic harrasment:

In 2009 my Prophet work reported an antichrist satanic sex slavery ring was cutting off clitoruses. 
Female Genitial Mutilation:

In 2012 my Prophet work reported vaccinations too close together can cause autism. 
Many today are anti vax.

In short my Prophet theory is people are lied about by a son of satan two or  more lied conspiracy ( this information I received in 2008) who frame people to a Government Agency to secretly lie they have control of them financially and medically to rob them to capture them helplessly by electronic harrasment done by microchips the size of a pellet swallowed unknowingly to set up medical kidnappings for sex slavery, baby and kiddy porn, fgm sex torture and snuff movies done underground the Cities. 
I discovered along the way this is known as Gang Stalking. The information reported about this matches up with my Prophet reporting information. 
Electronic harrasment gang stalking:

In 2012 my Prophet information reported people are murdered in Court Houses. I’ve reported ispy peeping tom is done on families and their being exploited for sex slavery. In 2009 I reported sex slavery is being run underground many Cities around the world. In 2009 my Prophet information reported parents are robbed to force them into the welfare system to adopt their children to sex slavery. My Prophet information reports they wear costumes and pretend they do a job position such as that of a nurse, a Child Protective case worker, a Secret Service investigator etc. 
Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor 
“Medium For God” Prophet Individually owned business registered in Los Angeles, California 

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