Senator Nancy Schaffer


Senator Nancy Schaffer said ” they run a chattel slavery ring at Department of Child Family Protective Services” and was found dead a week later. I am a medium for her and she has explained they killed me and my husband.

I was framed to DCFS in spring 09 and I said to myself at the time ” Oh My God I bet they human sex traffick at DCFS who else would lie about a nice mom like me ? I bet its rapists a kiddy porn ring or something” and that is really what I thought at the time as I do nothing wrong, an over patient over nice great mom.

We were stalked in the summer of 2008 and I thought it may be kidnappers after my two lovely teenage daughters and I was fear they were trying to kidnap,rape, and murder them,

As I was raped and almost murdered two times when I was seventeen,

An over protective mom always and it happened to me it can happen to anyone.

Others would say oh that could never happen, but I am not a dumb stupid idiot and I follow my instincts as a lady whos a long time sober in Alcoholics Anonymous,

I am sober in AA since Feb 9th 1985, I got sober at age 25 long before I had children,

So I did my Angel Board readings in the summer of 2008 to see what was happening by my psychic readings that kept spelling out ” A two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy take people to sex slavery by lying”

So when people lied about me out of nowhere I freaked out and I was so worried about my daughters.

I kept dreaming of a 9 1 1 of something happening to them

Then DCFS came to the door the week a lie was told

Someone slandered me and lied I was sucidal and I have never been in my life. That was an outright lie.

So I was set up to DCFS in spring 09.

Anonymous callers called DCFS and lied dreams of a 9 1 1 and something happening to my daughters was nuts.

They called my psychic premonission warning dreams dillusions and lied I needed to take my medication and don’t take any and don’t need any, I am a long time sober AA lady.

Then their lies were dimissed without prejudice in court.

A year later a dismissed without prejudice lie was back in incorrect DCFS papers that I received after the last day of court

I was told going without papers today the case is being dimissed

and I thought I would get custody of my daughter and it would be dimissed dismissed as if it never happened.

I lost custody unfairly as the case file was opened based on lies and the lies were dimissed without prejudice and said the mom is stressed,

That means no car no money, financial stressors and I complied with everything above and beyond the call of duty

and three weeks after the last day of court I saw incorrect DCFS papers I never received that had lies and mistakes in them that said the mom did not provide her psych eval

and I did

I faxed the psych eval ruling that was done at a court hearing the first week of Nov 09 to The Department of Child Family Protective Services and to my court appointed attorney who advised me to bring five copies to court and I did

As I had a psych eval for writing for Jesus to stop human sex trafficking

and I was ruled ” A Concerned Citizen” for reporting psychic crime tips in the event the crimes could happen

I was ruled Not gravely disabled

Not a danger to myself or others

and my psych eval court ruling papers I brought were ignored at the court

I think someone threw them in the trash

I dont think they made it on the Commisoners desk

and I think I was set up and know that

In 2009 I became a real medium clear open vessel by my previous years of channeling on my Angel Board that I did everyday since 2005 when I bought our house on River Farm Drive.

In spring summer I started channeling writing to explain how sex slavery is run internationally and I faxed it to stop traffck and stop slavery offices all over the world

and I faxed it to Senators

and Nancy Schaffer channel writes by me since she died and she explained she received my important information in Atlanta Georgia and she proved it and made it public and did youtubes and then they murdered her a week later.

This is on my resume’ Nancy Gail Fox Lordess on earth Medium For God resume’

My readings say a channel writing job was sent for me to write for Senator Nancy Schaffer by my resume’ I emailed UNs from my Gods Medium email address in May 2010 by a Fed Ex

The job was called For Gods Medium Nancy Gail Fox to channel write for passed on USA Senator Nancy Schaffer To Stop Traffick At CPS DCFS and Welfare Services Internationally

It was sent to The Royal Crown Plaza Hotel and said five suites for three week for Nancy Fox and her family.

Return Hannahs custody immediately as its a conspiracy and her daughters are in grave danger

Give this paper to the court and cancil it all as we know much information

The mom was framed and its very dangerous

It said she should go on T V and announce her job immediately

and the kids porn clitoral cutter child traffick chattel slavery ring stole the job

and they then sat under my psychic reader job I started in 2010

and stole my stop traffick stop sex slavery crime tip Medium For God reading calls by phone tapping and hacking the whole world to stop them and redirect them

and they sat underground where I did my Medium For God angel board channeling readings with many customers in person and phone readings

and they gave away my mail channel writer jobs book deals and stole my stop traffick Los Angeles Antislavery lease money that I requested

and for eight years they steal my psychic stop traffick stop sex slavery crime tip readings and send them to other psychics

they give them fake tips to say and lie they are the Stop Traffick at CPS DCFS Welfare Services Job position

and tips say they stole from my two leased P O Boxes and hack take my paypal send it to other emails

and sit underground lying on messenger lying she was maid at that psychic store shes just doing piddly wink phone readings here and there shes never amounted to anything in her life at all whatsoever

as they are the kids porn clitoral cutters sex addicts naked on meth raping and murdering moms and kids and filming it

and they go up top in a Lab Coat nurses smock with a badge around their necks and lie they are the Stop Traffick at CPS DCFS Welfare Services job position

So anyone slandering me should be suspected

As I am a motivated ambitous productive career lady and I usually working hard prosperity flows in and they steal all thats sent as they dont want you to know I am accurate

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